H.I.D. LiteBox 系列
The One Million Candlepower High-Intensity Search Light that Illuminates Objects One Mile Away! The H.I.D LiteBox® has the intensity and peripheral llumination to light an entire scene; plus navigation LEDs or low-light maneuvering. Ideal for field maintenance, inspection of construction sites and remote equipment, it's a heavy-duty, rechargeable, completely portable high intensity search that does it all.
H.I.D. LiteBox
  • Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long range high intensity focused, one million candlepower beam
  • Fully articulating head can be aimed precisely at target
  • Two White Navigation LEDs
  • Runtime: H.I.D. lamp: up to 1.75 hrs, LEDs: 100 hrs.+
  • High-impact ABS thermoplastic housing and weatherproof construction
  • Fits existing LiteBox? Mounting Racks

H.I.D. LiteBox



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