BuckMasters® 系列
BusterMaster® Twin-Task® 2L

Lightweight, versatile light switches from powerful xenon bulb 3 ultra-bright safety green LEDs. The dependable lithium batteries have a 10-year shelf life; and the water and corrosion-resistant casing is almost indestructable.

  • REALTREE Hardwoods® Green High Definition (HD) camouflage pattern with leathertop wear – resistant coating
  • 0.9A high pressure adjustable focus xenon bulb provides 72 lumens
  • 3 ultra-bright, 100,000-hour-life green LEDs deliver 10 lumens
  • Anodized machined aluminum alloy is corrosion and water-resistant
  • Powered by two 3 volt CR123A lithium batteries with 10-year shelf life
  • Runs up to 2.5 hrs. on xenon mode; up to 28 hrs on LED mode
  • 5.43” / 13.79cm
  • 5.44oz / 152grams (含电池重量)
  • Micro-faceted reflector for smooth focus
  • O-Ring sealed, heavy-duty drop-tested construction
  • Night Vision green LEDS won't spook game
  • Included high-strength lanyard
  • Lithium Battery Notice under TECH DOCS
产品编号 51025 (含锂电池 / 迷彩色)
产地 中国
价格 人民币660元
Meets applicable European Community Directives
URL : http://www.streamlight.com.cn
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