Headlamp 系列
Argo® Luxeon® Headlamp

The Argo features state-of-the-art Luxeon technology for the long life and reliability of an LED with the brightness and range of a conventional bulb. It offers three digitally controlled brightness levels, a durable compact case, and rubber & elastic head straps for use with hard hats.

  • Powered by 3 “AAA” alkaline batteries; LED battery life indicator
  • One watt Luxeon® LED
  • Three brightness levels: 31 lumens (1 hr. runtime), 15 lumens (2.5 hrs.), 9 lumens (6.5 hrs.)
  • 2.15” (H) x 2.9” (W) x 2.25” (D)
  • 4.75 oz. / 134.66grams (含电池重量)
  • 90o tilting head
  • Available with yellow ABS case
产品编号 61300 (含锂电池 / 头带 / 黄色)
产地 中国
价格 人民币540元

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URL : http://www.streamlight.com.cn
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