Pocket Lights 系列
Key-Mate® / JetScream™

If you're ever lost in the great outdoors - or searching for someone who's lost - the ability to signal and communicate is critcal. The essentail package includes an "Introduction to Survival" DVD hosted by Rick Arnold, Cheif of Survival Training, USAF, ret., the lightweight, water-resistant Key-Mate with high-intensity LED and 96-hr. runtime that helps you see and be seen. It also includes the JetScream™ (Whistle) that emits a piercing shriek of 122 decibles - even when its wet.

  • Reflector optics deliver up to 400% more lighting range then traditional penlights
  • Easily attaches/detaches to just about anything with convenient pocket clip or key ring
  • Up to 96hrs. run time
  • Includes neck Lanyard
  • O-Ring sealed for water resistant
  • Powered by 4 alkaline button cells (included)
  • 100,000 hr. lifetime high-intensity LED with reflector optics
  • LED available in white (4.3 lumens), blue (.7 lumens), or green (2.6 lumens)
  • 2.36” / 5.9cm
  • 0.9oz / 25.4grams (含电池重量)
  • Available in black or titanium with white, blue or green LEDs, and Realtree camo with green LED
  • JETSCREM? Whistle designed by Survival, Inc., recognized for the development of ultimate survivor tools
  • Pea-Less design operates even when wet
  • Produces a piercing 122 decibel screech
  • Breakway neck/ wrist lanyard
  • Free “Introduction to Survival” DVD –Hosted by Rick Arnold, Chief of Survival training, USAF, ret.
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